3 Best Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

3 Best Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for a trusted brand protection agency Saudi Arabia? So look no fr than this platform. Protecting your brand in today’s online marketplace is more essential than ever. Because brands abuse increase in the usage of digital marketing and e-commerce online marketplace.

Why is brand protection important?

Unauthorized people or hackers try to make a duplicate website layout, take brand images and trademarks without permission, and do backpacking with customers. Ultimately, businesses lose revenue and customers’ trust, and brands face financial crises. Brand protection agencies tackle brand-related cybercrime with the help of law enforcement, stakeholders, and other businesses. The Saudi brand owner should be thankful for the brand protection agencies’ services.

But which one is the best choice for your brand? In this blog post, we’ll explore the best three brand protection agencies Saudi Arabia with their features and services that you can choose to maintain your brand security and revenue by using their services.

The list below is only comprehensive for some Saudi brand agencies, but it allows you to take the first step to secure your brand.

3 Best Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

  1. SGS
  2. Brandpool
  3. Authentix

1. SSG Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

SSG is based in Saudi Arabia and specializes in brand protection. It provides 360 degrees of protection to your brand. They provide tracking and tracing services that help to protect your brand revenue, investment, and market shears with e-commerce solutions.

Moreover, they help your clients with any issues with your brands. They will provide verified trademarks to your company and supply chain management to help stop unauthorized activities.

SSG Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

SSG Services Offer:

SSG brand protection agency made a network of multiple employees to create techniques that provide real-time information for your brand security. Moreover, they also offer a wide range of services mentioned below:

Detect unauthorized E-commerce

Track and trace unauthorized persons’ locations and businesses where they replace original products with fake ones using actual companies’ trademarks.

Trace duplicate production

They rapidly detect copyright suppliers with the help of modern technologies and overcome duplicate product production.

Improving Technologies

Use advanced technology systems to improve weak points of the brand and faults in network security, which is allowed unauthorized access.


Tracing and attaching modern technologies to particular products help them track each item and supply chain.

Improve Transitions

They ensure that the transition process is faster between brand and clients. This method helps to reduce the chances of any delay and involvement of a third party.

2. BRANDPOL Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

Brandpol brand protection works with a global professional team to develop internet information security solutions. They have been working to prevent risks of trademarks, social media, copyright security, cost tracking, and mass media monitoring for over 12 years.

You can use avail Brandpool services to find fake IP addresses, Pirated products, or many others. Moreover, you can use Brandpol to identify fake websites and suspicious information online. They destroy fake information against actual holders and trace counterfeit products, audio, and video leaked content, pirated software, and author text. They give you access to your brand safety 24/7 hours.

BRANDPOL Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

Services Brandpol Offer:

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Destroy any harmful intent mentioned on the internet about the brand names and owners. Moreover, they ensure they give the legal and technical company and owner reputation defense.

Content Security

Track and delete all fake content from the internet related to brands and provide 99% constant brand security.

Monitor Pricing

They compare pricing with other online brands and marketplaces, including Amazon, Ebay, and AliExpress.

Detect illegal copyright

Brandpool detects illegal online content and pirated websites that sell items using specific companies’ trademarks and other content.


Delete scamming websites which are using pirated content via using your official firm resources.

Social Media Monitoring

Help to prevent bad reviews related to your brand on social media and other Q&A websites and messaging applications.

3. Authentix Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

Authentix Brand Protection is one of the world’s top 200 companies with 500 active clients. They help to determine intellectual property issues and manage traditional e-commerce websites. There are many other challenges, such as NFT portals, Social media platforms, and the darknet.

Moreover, they provide protection services with the help of using modern technology tools with advanced research. They have invested considerably in machine learning that can provide high-level security to clients’ brands. They are also a part of consumer goods, medicines, the luxury fashion industry, and automotive.

As a result, it is a multitasking company with experience from multiple businesses. That is why they provide their clients with the best brand protection solutions.

Authentix Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

Services Authentix Offer:

Track and trace pirated content.

Track pirated content on the internet and delete it with the help of legal authorities.

Real-time investigations

If unauthorized persons are captured with the help of tracking, they conduct real-time investigations and take full law action against them. Moreover, if anyone uses their brand products for illegal purposes in local markets, they also take action against them.

Legal Research

Authentix has white and gray hat hackers in their companies; they do research with the government’s permission.

Specialized Services from China

Authentix Protection Company has specialized and advanced technology services from China.

Prevent trademark violations.

ABP ensures that the brand trademark is never used by any other sites or users.

How many Types of Brand Protection Agencies are available in Saudi Arabia?

There are various benefits to approaching the best brand protection for your brands. However, some specific types of brand protection agencies Saudi Arabia are listed below.

  1. Brand watch services.
  2. Online monitoring marketplace.
  3. Social media monitoring and listening services.
  4. Domain monitoring services.
  5. Brand management portfolio.
  6. Investigation & online brand protection services.
  7. Business evaluation, brand audits, and mystery shopping services.

Benefits of hiring Brand Protection agencies:

A brand protection agency can provide several advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

Improve Brand Safety

Most brand protection companies have a global presence and substantial experience in the online marketplace and the law of enforcement. They used multiple cross-border options for improving the brand by taking and security.

Get in Touch with Market Values.

Brand protection agencies have deep experience in trademark rights and product tracking. They can better understand the Saudi market values and implications with different methods that can efficiently secure your brand.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Businesses can work effectively when protection companies help to protect against financial issues, and trademark misuse and detect other frauds.

Legal Research Authorities

These protection companies have legal access to take quick action against law-breaking criminals and collaborate with IP laws and experts. They provide legal solutions and hold brand protection and registration portals.

Modern Technology and Tools

Brand protection agencies track fake and authorized persons with the help of using advanced tools. This can help to detect unauthorized sellers easily and find trademark violations quickly.

How can Fake Sites Damage Brand Trust?

Millions of pirated websites and fake profiles introduced on the internet can harm a brand’s trust. These damages can lead a brand to financial loss. Moreover, they break those companies with substantial exposure on the internet in Saudi Arabia.

How can Fake Sites Damage Brand Trust

How to Access Online Brand Protection Agency, Saudi Arabia?

Therefore, to overcome these frauds and illegal access, different brand protection agencies in Saudi Arabia have been introduced, providing online protection services. These online protection Companies offer services for Jeddah, Mecca, Abha, Dammam, and Riyadh clients.

Moreover, it is suitable for every brand owner to do possible protection for their brand initially. Therefore, professional investigators of brand protection companies have much information and experience detecting fake web pages and profiles. Additionally, they know how to prevent financial damages by taking down those spam web pages and profiles.

So if you want to access any brand protection agency in your area, here is the information mentioned below; you can access them at these locations.

1-Jeddah Office

AI Rabwa District-Omar Bin Abdul Al Aziz

Road exit 14 AI Broward Center- 1st floor-office 9

2-Al Khobar Office

AI Bandariah district-King Fahad

Street AI Khobar gate tower-floor 21 office number-204.

3-Riyadh Office

Eastern Ring Road-Omar Bin Abdul Aziz

Road-AI Rabwah, district exit-14, Riyadh 14213

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q. What is a brand protection agency?

Brand protection agencies tackle brand-related cyber criminals with the help of legal enforcement, tracking, and Tracing. They help to make a brand website and profile secure from unauthorized criminals.

Q. How can I legally protect my brand?

There are five ways you can protect your brand yourself.

  1. Register your brand website domain name.
  2. Trademark your official website or business logo and brand name.
  3. Run your brand.
  4. Monetize your brand.
  5. Conduct Frauds and deal with them quickly.

Q. How does brand protection work?

Brand protection detects copycats and other scammers who try to access your IP, brand name, patents, trademarks, website layouts, brand name, and brand identities. Moreover, they take legal action against these bad actors.

Q. What does a brand protection manager do?

The brand manager is responsible for investigating unauthorized uses, determining misuse of patents, brand names, and trademark violence, and acting with other law enforcement when needed.

Bottom Lines

Many brand protection agency Saudi Arabia offer various management services to customers in every city. Moreover, these protection companies help to protect the revenue and brand image of the Saudi Arabia people.

However, these protection companies use advanced AI tools to detect Trademarks violence and fraudsters because millions of fake web pages and profiles are active to harm the image and investment of big brands in Saudi Arabia.

To tackle all these issues in the online marketplace, Saudi Arabia First introduced these Brand Protection agencies. Therefore, these companies have several head offices in different Saudi cities mentioned above.

So this is a complete guide to a brand protection agency in Saudi Arabia which is helpful for every online brand owner.


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