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DailyBayone has very strict terms and conditions and we make sure that all the new content and material that publishes on DailyBayone is correct and updated. We do not publish any of the content that might contain any links from our website but any other content that gains access from any of the external lists, the user will do this at his own risk.

DailyBayone publishes articles on a daily basis that are based on Digital Marketing, sports, Technology, and traveling but it does not take any of the resources and references. All the contributors and authors have reporting freedom and their advice about content should not be well thought-out. When you are going to make any of the decisions, we instruct our visitors to read the entire article because all the content is purely useful.

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DailyBayone makes sure that their website is free from any error and uninterrupted or as a result, they may contain any use of the site or data in that. Any of the beliefs you can place on such service/graphics/information/ products or the website is for that reason strictly and purely based on your own consequences and risk.

DailyBayone does not take any responsibility for consequential, special, incident, indirect, reliance, punitive, and any other typical damages, whether in an unlawful act, contact, or any of the other legal action or in that way that is connected with this contract. You can use DailyBayone which includes all the damages that relate to profit or loss, use, goodwill, or information. These boundaries and limitations on legal responsibility will not be affected even when we have any advice on the possibilities of such types of damages.

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Any clash or claim between our users and us rising out of or relates to these terms and conditions. But if any other case occurs it will be governed by the rules and laws. These terms and conditions hold the entire knowledge, and understanding and take the place of all the previous understanding between you and DailyBayone.

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