why monitoring your application is important?

why monitoring your application is important?

Nowadays, anyone can discover many numbers of organizations that can produce various applications for it is a continuous source of material. Also, it plays an essential role in the development of branding. Most companies use these types of applications to sell their products and services to their users. But what happens if the processing of your application is slow and you face many issues? To give you a better experience many developers use the “Application Performance Monitoring” tool to fix the bugs and problems in your application.

But before going further let us tell you why monitoring your application is important? Why do some tools like APM dynamic for your organization? Moreover, we are going to provide you with a list of some great APM tools for your business. These applications will give a great experience to their users.

What is Application Monitoring?

It is a process that will give you a real-time performance understanding of application monitoring and allows its developers to respond as soon as possible to its contextual data and technical problems. By using Application Monitoring Tools, many developers and IT experts can simply retain its bugs, availability, vital aspects, and other resource use that are answerable for affecting the involvement of end-users.

What is Application Monitoring

Additionally, People use applications for various reasons nowadays. In short, this is a continuous source that provides information to its users. Furthermore, make sure that the working of these applications is perfect and this is the main concern of various developers. To enjoy the best user experience ((UX) and to meet the standard performance, many IT professionals and developers use “Application Performance Monitoring” Tools. In addition, developers can notice all the components of application monitoring such as the database, message queues, and servers. Also, it tracks or catches how it connects with multiple nodes and also finds the reason for the problem that causes a problem.

why monitoring your application is important?

If you don’t monitor your application properly then the functioning of your application may affect and slow down. Furthermore, it may experience regular attacks and downtimes. This is vital to monitor your application because it offers many benefits. They not only detect bugs but further it also gives a solution that supports fixing the glitches quickly before they may harm and be the reason for any destruction.

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy while using the application monitoring software:

Immediate Downtime Alerts:

Because of many reasons like cyberattacks, natural events, or server failure, applications turn out to be unreachable or unavailable for their users. It will also affect the experience of users and may harm your business, it doesn’t matter what is the reason for its interruption. Moreover, when you receive a rapid alert when downtime occurs. So, this is the best time to use the application monitoring tools and this is the main reason why monitoring your application is important?

Improved Security:

Cyber attackers are always trying to get access to your data and find a way to go into your system. If any of the security issues occur and you don’t fix them on time. then, you may face a malicious attack and also become a target of data theft. Moreover, if you are using the APM tool in your system, then it will detect any issues regarding security and fix them. Therefore, all the loopholes are covered in your monitoring application and avoid attackers and hackers.

Help in delivering well performance:

There are a smaller number of chances to occur that a user would use another application if you improve your application. The APM tool provides you with a CPU, monitor bandwidth, disk space utilization, and memory. Furthermore, some reasons can slow the processing of your application. If you solve these problems on time, then you can enjoy an excellent experience.

Application Monitoring Software – Features:

Application Monitoring tools provide the benefits to gather information about what is the performance of your application or why monitoring your application is important? Also, which parts need to improve? It supports many features that help the professional to increase quick vision into its errors and performance. Let’s take a look at some latest features that make this tool great in the market.

  • Detect the errors in the application
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Track the usage of server resources
  • Measure the act of every Web Transaction in the application.
  • Measure the performance of Code-Level
  • Monitor the dependencies in the application

Some of the Best Application Monitoring Tools:

These application monitoring tools are used by various organizations to monitor or accomplish the performance of different application software. They find out the reason that causes errors in code-level performance, slow queries, and some other phases that become the reason for reputation damage. Here is a list of some application monitoring tools that you can easily get from the market and help to detect problems and diagnose them. It allows DevOps to measure the level of end-user fulfillment.

1. AppOptics – Free Trial:

AppOptics – Free Trial

This is a cloud platform that provides 2 modules. The 1st one is “Infrastructure Monitoring” and the 2nd one is “Application Monitoring”. The first module which is Infrastructure Monitoring offers monitoring for virtualization, containers, on-premises, and cloud servers. This service recognizes all the systems that support your most important applications.  Furthermore, the second module is Application monitoring. You can get code profiling and distributed tracing by using this package. You need to have both modules to completely track the fortunately and application performance. That’s why monitoring your application is important? Furthermore, these APM tools also support various languages such as .net, scala, python, Java, pho, node, etc.

Key Features:

  • Trace requests
  • Support integration of out-of-the-box
  • Graphic features
  • In-depth analysis
  • Tracing the application delivery
  • Profiling the Live Code
  • Activity monitoring
  • Faster troubleshoot
  • Support various programming languages
  • Caches, Trace Database, and Remote Service Calls.
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Exceeding thresholds alerts
  • Trace Resource Usage
  • Network and server monitoring
  • The capability of hybrid tracking
  • Less false positives
  • To identify outliers, support heat maps.
  • Notifies through Email, Slack, AWS SNS, Flowdock, etc.
  • Decrease Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
  • Improve graphical insight through APM data and infrastructure

This service will also find your application and their services. It creates a dependency map and provides constant monitoring. AppOptics can trace via a system that is written on .NET, Java Virtual Machine, and WCF. It also understands Python, Node.js, PHP, and Ruby. Moreover, it also identifies the system automatically. Every section is written and corrects its scanning techniques as it improves via the code.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using AppOptics:


  • The dependency of mapping the application with the root reason of the analysis.
  • Give an alert for unattended and automated monitoring.
  • Distributing code profiling and tracing.


  • It does not support network monitoring.
  • Alert when features need improvement and also downstream the monitoring services.
  • It does not support GCP, Oracle, and also its combination with ServiceNow.

2. ManageEngine Application Manager – Free Trial:

ManageEngine Application Manager – Free Trial

It is a software package. It will trace the complete supporting module that supports a user-facing system. These applications may be elements in websites, separate software packages, or the web application that your company progresses. The manager of the application tracks every element of the application. It doesn’t matter where the application is progressing. This means that your software is dependent and executed on someone else server or any other server. It can use distributed tracing that can collect the operational statistics from every module and you come to know why monitoring your application is important? If the system of this software is written in a text programming language like .NET, Python, Java, PHP, or Ruby.

Key Features:

  • Code Profiler
  • Discovers Application
  • Create the map of application dependency
  • Disk interaction monitoring
  • The way the performance using distributed tracing
  • Predictive alerts
  • Thread Profiling
  • Cloud system monitoring
  • Error rate tracking
  • Identifies network activity
  • Invocation counts
  • Memory usage tracking
  • Resource availability monitoring
  • Records database interactions
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Cold start performance tracking
  • To discover the external components drill via programs

The software system can identify the services, server resources, and middleware, and identify applications with the interaction of web applications and the data contributing to the creation of an application dependency map. This software contains the code profiler that will be capable of testing Python, .NET services, PHP, Node.js, Java, and Ruby on Rails. The developers and administrations examine where the error occurs in the code. That’s why monitoring your application is important?

Here are some Pros and Cons of using ManageEngine Application Manager:


  • Maps and find the links of applications through platforms
  • Application Activity and tracking server
  • Monitor the availability of server resource
  • Give the analysis of the immediate root cause
  • The demand for Forecasts resource


  • No package for SaaS
  • It may not give enough options for integration

3. Datadog APM

Datadog APM

This is also a monitoring tool that is cloud-based. This will help to find the bug in an application and some further issues that occur. When you use the Datadog APM tool. Then, the organization will monitor your infrastructure and applications. It is also friendly with hybrid systems, cloud-based, and on-premises. Furthermore, the great solution to enjoy the both APM system and Infrastructure adds Network Monitoring, and also you have a complete observability of the stack.

Key Features:

  • Tracing End-to-End Distributed
  • Superior granularity
  • Method-level vision
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Complete visibility into the performance of application code
  • Find bugs and slow queries
  • Track the automatic deployment
  • Code profiling
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Containers, database, and monitor
  • Support almost 600+ integrations
  • Detect the issues of application in real-time
  • Webhooks support
  • Support machine-learning alerts
  • Warnings on issues of code-level performance
  • Detect unexpected outliers and customize alerts

Peloton, NGINX, and Samsung are some of the few trusted and popular brands that can use the Datadog APM software to bring about their applications and to know about why monitoring your application is important? It can track almost 1000 drilled-down metric queries and infrastructure metrics on its console. Moreover, it is very easy to set up. You don’t need any extra general training to organize the APM tool.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Datadog APM:


  • It does not take any extra time to find the bug and difficulty in an application.
  • Support hybrid systems, cloud-based, as well as on-premises.
  • Give alerts to users and detect performance concerns in real-time.


  • Lack of documentation and it can be counterintuitive to steer to the next section.
  • It would be wonderful if there is any fast way to remove Datadog’s properties.
  • Most application monitoring services can be moved to another module.

4. Site24x7:


Application Performance Monitoring is used to investigate the application performance from corner to corner on many other platforms which includes PHP, Java, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby. Site24x7 tool is cloud-based. Furthermore, you can now monitor your all applications by running them on mobile devices and cloud servers with the help of the Site24x7 Application Performance Monitoring Tool and you know all about why monitoring your application is important? By using this amazing tool, get an insightful view and details of your application activities.

Key Features:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Find your device in real-time
  • Real user monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Decrease technical issues
  • Support various platforms like Java, Ruby, etc.
  • Monitor your application that runs on mobile devices or cloud server
  • Find code errors
  • AI-Powered Alerts
  • Find slow queries
  • Distributed Tracing
  • Server Monitoring
  • Improve the timing of page load
  • Debug the errors of method-level
  • Minimize mean time to detect (MTTD)
  • Reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR)

It allows you whole visibility into the software or application. It also offers professional developers to examine the transactions of the business-critical. Moreover, it can also give you access to the complete metric performance of the mobile applications on both Android platforms and iOS.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Site24x7:


  • It is very easy to investigate your application performance on various platforms like PHP, Node.js, and Java.
  • By using the Site24x7 tool, you can track complete applications on cloud servers and mobile devices.
  • Fast troubleshooting and identifying resulting errors in a decrease of MTTR and MTTD.


  • It can secure many functions. Therefore, comprehending and learning can take some time.
  • The interface of the application is a little bit difficult to understand and it needs some improvement.

5. Dynatrace:


The Dynatrace lets the team of DevOps monitor the performance of applications from various angles that focus on the delivery of user experience and mechanics. why monitoring your application is important? Because the customizable dashboard of the application monitoring tool gives a complete insight into the whole cloud. Furthermore, its reliance is on real-time.

Key Features:

  • Uptime application monitoring
  • Track the experience of the user
  • Cross-team Collaboration
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Display the workload inside the container
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Monitoring the user experience
  • Determine the issues of application performance
  • Identify low-performing microservices
  • Code-level tracing
  • Cloud-based package or Organize on-premises
  • NoSQL/SQL monitoring database
  • Continuous automation
  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Cloud Automation
  • Application Security
  • Monitor and trace the behavior of the application

The team of Apps and Ops can determine all the activities in real-time and optimize the performance by using the “Dynatrace Application Performance Monitoring Solution”. Additionally, keep all the vulnerability scores, traces, logs, metrics, and application behavior by using this great tool.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Dynatrace:


  • It helps the users to monitor all the applications and network act from any place.
  • The robust tool can monitor the application logs, vulnerability score, behavior, and metrics.
  • Discover the bugs in real-time and also troubleshoot these problems.


  • In Dynatrace software documentation needs improvement.
  • The graphs shown on the dashboard can be extra demonstrative.

Wrapping it up!

It does not matter what type of business or industry you handle. You need to have some Application Performance Monitoring Tools to find out the bug and difficulties to troubleshoot your issues. Moreover, if you run any online businesses, then applications are the one source that supplies your product or service to your customers. Therefore, it is very important to timely adjust and discover the errors in code and many other similar issues that occur in your application.

Furthermore, millions of users use these applications to get access to data or create transactions. Therefore, to meet the standards of the act and convey a user experience (UX). So, to know why monitoring your application is important? It is very necessary that you have an Application Performance Monitoring Tool. Furthermore, there are various benefits of application performance monitoring tools. For your organization choose the best one and match every APM tools feature.


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